Our Core Values

  • We share the love of God with everyone
  • We show compassion through acts of charity and kindness
  • We practise forgiveness as God has forgiven us
  • We find joy in a love of learning
  • We respect other people's differences, cultures and beliefs
  • We have a responsiblity to be truthful and act with honesty at all times
  • We model perseverance even when it is difficult to do so, knowing that God will help us to achieve our best.


Our core Christian values were agreed in the summer term of 2017 after consulting with teachers, parents, governors and, of course, our children - who had the final say!

Many thanks to our Christian Values Group who composed our core values statements.


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Whitegate CE Primary School


Chair of Governors:
Mrs Teresa Finney

Head teacher:
Mrs Caroline Mackenzie

Clerk to Governors:
Mrs Susan Knight

Main Contact: Mrs Caroline Mackenzie Mrs Michelle Shephard (Bursar)

Tel: 01606 288080
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