Oak Class 2018 - 2019

Miss Webb

I am excited to join the Whitegate team, and am looking forward to getting to know everybody.

I qualified as a teacher in 1994 and my first degree is in art; a subject about which I am passionate and in which I maintain a personal interest. In more recent years, I was lucky enough to have to have the opportunity to undertake a Master's degree, where I researched schools' approaches to the teaching of writing. I found this really interesting and enjoyed the chance to work with colleagues in other schools, and to investigate best practice in learning and teaching. I think teaching is a fabulous job because every day is different.

In my spare time, I am interested in gardening and dream of having a smallholding. I've taken the first step towards this, by training to be a beekeeper and keeping hives of bees in my garden. They are truly fascinating creatures to learn about, and the added bonus is that they supply delicious honey!




Class Teacher - Miss Webb  (mwebb@whitegate.cheshire.sch.uk)


If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.  -Anonymous

Enjoy Achieving Together at Home.  Week Beginning 10th December, 2018

Please bring a coat to school (preferably one with a hood) as we still go outside at break time, even if it’s raining.  



Formal methods of short division then extending to long division (See calculation policy for methods taught). 

Estimating answers and using the inverse as a checking strategy  

Extending our understanding of the above to solve word problems 


Writing to inform, liked to our project and RE work. 

Using a wider range of sentence structures.

Self-checking, editing and improving writing to  ensure it meets ARE.

Publishing writing, using handwriting that is neat, legible and joined. 

Spelling to focus on words in the Y5/6 statutory word list and recapping on spelling strategies to aid memory and recall. 

Handwriting to focus on correct join formation and refinement of the continuous cursive style.  This supports the development of a neat, legible and fluent style of writing, that can be sustained throughout a text. 


Time zones in different countries.

The Mayan legacy. 

Recording  “Forces and Space” learning, based on investigations undertaken at Jodrell Bank.


Concluding Jesus the Light of the World and why He’s Good News for Christians. 

Christmas and it’s significance to Christians. 


Don't Forget ...

PE:  Please ensure all kit is in school every day.  If you have long hair, you will need a bobble. No jewellery, including stud earrings, is to be worn.  Please have kit in school every day, in case of changes to our proposed timetable. MEvo day is Thursday every week  and we have hall time slots on other days, to be used flexibly. 

PE Kit: As per the school policy, children need to wear a white t-shirt and blue shorts for PE.  A plain tracksuit can be worn during colder weather.  For indoor PE (gymnastics, dance etc), children need bare feet and for outdoor PE, they may wear trainers. 

Homework:  Homework is set every other Friday and is due the following Wednesday. It is imperative this is handed in on time as we mark together, to address any misconceptions. Any extra tasks will be written in purple reading diaries,  so please keep checking. 

Reading diaries: Need to be signed four times a week please.  A sticker is given to children who meet this target. Research indicates that pupils who read regularly at home perform better in the End of KS2 assessments. Reading stamina is an essential life skill and not something we value solely for its role in enhancing test performance.  

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

Dr. Seuss. 






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