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Maple Computing 2021-22

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 4:32pm

Friday 17th September 2021
E-Safety: Can you explain different ways to use technology safely?

In our first computing lesson today, we looked at different ways to stay safe when using technology. We looked at the Whitegate E-Safety path and signed our names to show our willingness to follow it. We also watched a video with lots of useful information about staying safe when online. 

E-Safety Path.PNG

We explored a new website/app: NumberBlocks. We will use this in school and at home so it's important for us to know how to use it effectively and safely.

Wednesday 22nd September 2021
E-Safety: Can you name people who can help you use technology safely?

Maple were excited to meet their new E-Safety officers from Willow and Oak class. These 6 children can be spotted from their blue badges worn on their uniform. Maple children can speak to them about any questions or worries about technology. A few of the children have already asked some questions for the E-Safety offciers which will be addressed during their first E-Safety assembly.


Wednesday 29th September 2021
Digital Literacy: Can you help send an email to a trusted contact using a trusted adult's email address and permission?

Maple have been learning about different animals in their science learning and wanted to ask Mrs Mackenzie if they could borrow Buddy, the school dog, for their science lesson next week. They helped Miss Monks look for Mrs Mackenzie's email address from the school website and typed out an appropriate message before sending. We discussed how most email address providers require you to be 13 years or older to have your own email address. We used Miss Monks' email address as it was a trusted email account and made sure we only sent the email to Mrs Mackenzie, another trusted email address. Maple are excited to hear back and were impressed how we could ask Mrs Mackenzie a question without having to walk out in the rain to her office!

Maple Email 29.9.21.PNG


Thursday 14th October 2021
Can you use the internet to research about a place you haven't been to before?
For 'Choose Your Learning' today, the boys wanted to use the wooden blocks and track to make a train station model. The children hadn't visted a train station in a long time due to COVID-19. We used Google Earth on the IWB to look up some famous train stations. The train station we decided to build was in our capital city, London! We built King's Cross Station. The boys then used a couple of the iPads so they could easily have the reference pictures near while building. Pictures coming soon.

Wednesday 20th October 2021
Can you use different apps on an Apple iPad to practice your phonics learning? 
Maple were excited to learn more about how Apple iPads work. We navigated the screen's lock and unlock features. We also learnt about the home button which brings us to the home screen full of the iPads different apps. The app we used today was 'Numbots'. We play Numbots at home to develop our maths fluency. It is the perfect game to download as an app on an iPad or tablet.

The children had to find their username and password in their reading diaries. We talked about keeping personal information such as unsernames and passwords private. Once we had logged in, we could enjoy some time playing the game! Don't forget! You can play this game at home for free through the app or on a computer/laptop. 

Numbots Logo.jpg

Thursday 4th Novemeber 2021
Can you use different apps on an Apple iPad to practice your phonics learning? 
Maple are still working on their iPad skills. As we are still learning our phonics to help us read, sometimes we aren't able to read the pop ups! We talked about who we could ask to help us stay safe when using technology such as the iPads we have in school.

The app we used today was 'Teach Your Monster to Read'. We love this game because it helps us with our pohonics learning. Here are some of the things Maple wanted to say about this game:
"The monsters are really cute and you can choose what they look like!"
"I'm good at this game now because I can play it at home before I go to bed."
"My daddy helps me turn up the sound on my tablet so I can hear what the monsters say and which way I need to go."

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