‘Trusting in God; Growing in Wisdom’

Beech Computing 2021-2022

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 9:52am

Monday 15th November

Presenting Digitally: Can you use word processing documents to present your work?

As part of our topic and English work, the children have researched Stone Age animals, organised information into groups and used skills such as conjunctions to join ideas, bullet points to show key pieces of information and headings and subheadings to organise their writing. They have then used the laptops and the Publisher programme to type up their information in the form of a leaflet. We are finally finishing these off this week. The children have worked so hard and are very proud of their final products.


Wednesday 13th October 2021

E-Safety: Can you name people who can help you use technology safely?

Beech were keen to meet their new E-Safety officers from Willow and Oak class. These 6 children can be spotted from their blue badges worn on their uniform. Beech children can speak to them about any questions or worries about technology. They were also very interested to find out the age ratings on many of the games and apps they regularly play. 



Monday 11th October 2021

Presenting Digitally: Can you navigate a laptop safely? 

Today, we recapped how to safely turn on and off the laptops and how to navigate the Windows screen. We discussed the school server, what is was and how to find it and located the pre-saved Publisher document. We did this in preparation for typing up their Stone Age animal fact files. 


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Friday 24th September 2021

E-Safety: Can you explain different ways to use technology safely?

We read through E-Safety Path as a class and then signed and dated to say they had understood the policy. This is something we will be referring to when using technology. We also watched a video with lots of useful information about staying safe when online. 

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Autumn term 2021

This term we are look at...


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Presenting Digitally

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