Science Week

All the children have had a fabulous week learning about the world around us. Elm's topic was oil. We were also very lucky to have Mrs Walker to teach use about recycling and the properties of materials. 

There were many exciting practical activites; we constructed oil platforms, made bowls using recycled paper, investigated the most efficient way to move water (oil) and made lava lamps and slime!

Slime Recipe

100g of PVA Glue (The Works sell a litre bottle- make sure it's not a washable PVA)
1 teaspoon of Saline Solution (Boots sell a 500ml bottle- make sure it contains boric acid!)
3 drops of food colouring (Make sure you don't add too much or your mixture will not work!)
1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda (ASDA sell this in the cooking aisle)


Photos to follow.

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