It is more important than ever that families know what is going on.  Communication is a two-way process: school is responsible for providing effective communication and information; parents and carers are responsible for reading and following it.

Please read all emails sent out via Parentmail and look for information on the school website before calling the office.  Office staff, where possible, will be working from home; therefore, please email rather than telephone.  We cannot guarantee that the phone will be answered in times when the office is not staffed.

With schools back on the 8th March, does that mean that we can go to the park, meet up and have play dates?

The short answer to this is NO!  

Schools are open but the risk remains high. Parents of children without access to outdoor space (a garden) are allowed to use parks but must not mix with other families. If you have a garden, your children should not use local parks. Childcare bubbles are permitted for working parents while they are at work and should not be used for playdates at other times.

Childcare bubbles, children meeting up with friends and going to the park increase risk of transmission. They should be used only when absolutely necessary; they should not be used more widely, increasing risk to staff and other families as well as increasing the risk of further school closures.

Is school a safe place for children?

Schools closed on 5th January because of the public health risk from the increase in the pandemic and to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed. Not because they were not 'safe'. The highest risk of contracting the virus is from within the home and in peer groups. This is why we are keeping bubbles intact.

Ongoing risk assessment, reviewed regularly since March 2020, mean schools are as safe as they can be within the context of their own communities. Schools mirror the rates in the community. 


From 8th March school attendance is mandatory. Home learning will be available for children isolating but not because they are choosing not to attend. While we are mindful of parents' and carers' anxieties, We have published our Recovery Plan below.  Please contact the Head teacher to discuss any individual worries.  Thank you.


When school reopens to more pupils after 8th March, we expect all children to arrive on time and ready to learn. This will be more important with staggered start times to reduce risk of spreading the virus.

The start of day is not only important for children's emotional well-being and settling into the busy school day, but it is a key time for learning. Children arriving late have a dis-regulated start to the day and this also impacts on the learning of others.  Children are embarrassed and insecure walking into class after lessons have started.


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